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NAHA provides alternative medicine/supplements for cancer, diabetes, chronic diseases patients

Products for Sale

DiaBeAid for diabetesDiaBeAid TM - Alternative medicine for Diabetes
 - 1 bottle = 8.8 oz,  1 case has 20 bottles. Call us at 909-396-8732 for special price! Buy one case you will get 5 bottles free. 

SporeKing for cancer Spore KingTM- Alternative medicine for Cancer
 - 1 bag = 30gram. Call us at 909-396-8732 for special price! 

We offer discount price for quantities order and wholesale. Call us for details.

Ordering and shipping

You may place an order by phone: 909-396-8732 or e-mail. We accept money order, cashier check, check and major credit cards.

UPS shippment tracking All products are shipped by UPS. You may track your shipment through UPS.

NAHA's contact information

Tel: 909-396-8732
Fax: 909-396-8765

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