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DiaBeAidTMDiaBeAid for diabetes

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What is DiaBeAidTM? - prevent, control diabetes symptoms & complications

DiaBeAidTM is a new supplemental beverage for reversing diabetes by combing western and eastern therapy. It is used to prevent and control symptoms and complications resulting from diabetes. Using DiaBeAid TM has much better results than using only traditional medicines. This new product brings very significant benefits for patients with type1 and type2 diabetes.

Formula of DiaBeAidTM - recipes & herbs

Based on many years' medical research and clinical evidence in Chinese traditional treatment on diabetes, DiaBeAid TM is formed by the proven recipes and the best natural herbs through biological decomposing, extracting, fermenting and concentrating. This unique product has been successfully tested and used in Japan, China and other countries. Thousands of people have benefited from taking DiaBeAidTM.

What does DiaBeAidTM Benefit Diabetes?

  • Balances (lower or higher) blood sugar to normal level
  • Improves the utilization and absorption of glucose
  • Promotes the normalization and function of the pancreatic beta cells
  • Prevents and controls the serious and/or chronic complications, such as cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and ending vascular diseases (high blood pressure, heart, nerve damage, strokes) and kidney disease, low sexual function and many other medical problems (polyphagia-thirsty or hungry all the time, polyuria-urinate often, fatigue, dizzies, etc.)
  • Not only provides temporary relief of the symptoms, but also treats the fundamental aspect of the disease
  • Uses for prevention of the diabetes and strengthens the immunization for middle-older persons
  • Balanced nutrition to benefit kidney, liver, spleen, lung, etc.
  • No any side effect and safely take with other medications

How does DiaBeAidTM Deliver Benefits to Patients

  • Lower sugar level through promoting the normalization and function of the pancreatic beta cells for secretion of the insulin
  • Lower sugar level through improving the utilization and absorption of glucose
  • Increase content of the liver starch to balance (control) the sugar level
  • Adjust, and balance (lower or increase) blood sugar to normal level (normoglycemia) through the mutual regulating functions of natural herbs. Lower blood sugar level when sugar level is too high (hyperglycemia), and increase blood sugar level when sugar level is too low (hypoglycemia)
  • Unique synthetic functions (integrate control) of Chinese herbs bring various benefits to body from different ways. For example, Ginseng and Cordyceps can not only lower blood sugar level but also control triglyceride, reduce (clean) ketone, as well as lower high blood pleasure and blood fat

Major Ingredients - Herbs in specific formula

There are more than ten ingredients being used in DiaBeAid TM. Some of the major ones are:Cordyceps - fungi

  • Cordyceps Sinensis
  • Wolfberry fruit
  • Ganoderma Lucidum
  • Ginseng
  • Astragalus Root
  • Rehmannia Root

May I Take DiaBeAidTM with Other Medications?

It is safe to take DiaBeAidTM with other medications, including some anti-diabetic medications. If patients use other medications in the diabetes treatment, they may continue to take them when taking DiaBeAidTM at the beginning. Combing the DiaBeAidTM with western medications will bring excellent results. After two to three months, patients may slowly reduce and/or stop taking the medications that they used, depending on the situations of symptoms relief. After that, taking DiaBeAid TM only to maintain the result for one to two months.

Recommended Usage

For patients

NAHA Enterprise recommends

  • Take one bottle (8.8 oz) per day for three months
  • Patients may reduce to take half a bottle (4.4oz) per day from the third month
  • Shake the bottle before taking, due to thick sediments
  • Divide the daily consumption into half or thirds and taking it before meals

For prevention or recovery from diabetes

  • 2oz per serving
  • 1-3 times daily, before meals.


  • DiaBeAid TM has a shelf- life of more than two years.
  • It should be stored at room temperature.
  • After opening, the bottle should be kept refrigerated and used within 5 days.

Benefits of DiaBeAidTM

  1. What are differences between DiaBeAid and other chemical medicines? 

  2. What kinds of benefits that DiaBeAid is able to deliver to the diabetes patients?

Conventional medicines, such as insulin play an important role in traditional blood glucose control. But its side effects and dependence over the years also afflict diabetic patients and weaken the effects in treatments. They are not good enough to answer the problems of diabetes. 

Differentiated from these medicines, by taking DiaBeAid, patients can reap benefits far beyond keeping their blood glucose under control. DiaBeAid has not only a strong ability to bring the blood glucose to the normal level; it can also directly produce various benefits to body system through its unique synthetic functions. DiaBeAid will greatly reduce their risk of cardiovascular, kidney disease and other medical problems and much increase the effects of reversing diabetes. (DiaBeAid can produce amazing help to improve or release the following symptoms and complications: unusual thirst, frequent urination, extreme hunger, blurred vision, extreme fatigue, high blood pressure and high blood fat, as well as leg pain that may indicate nerve damage or poor circulation.) Obviously, conventional medicines have not such benefits in treatments of the fundamental aspect of diabetes.

People can either take only DiaBeAid for about three months, or take DiaBeAid with other medicines together for the first couple months, if patients are taking the medicines. After two or three months, most of them who use medicines may reduce the medicine dosage or stop taking medicines depending on the individual improvement situation. Taking enough DiaBeAid for enough period of time to get better result in reversing diabetes are necessary and important.


Survey of using DiaBeAidTM

A survey of 59 diabetes patients treated by DiaBeAidTM has shown some dramatic results in the F.J. Hospital.

All patients received 50ml of DiaBeAidTM two or three times a day. Treatment was given for 30 to 60 days and other medication discontinued. The results showed that

  • 34 cases (57.6%) achieved ideal effects
  • 18 cases (30.5%) got effective improvement
  • 11 cases (11%) had no improvement
  • Total effective results are 88.1%.
The patients who were treated by DiaBeAidTM got dramatic results in
  • lowering blood sugar level during an empty stomach - total effective results are 88.1%
  • reducing urinary sugar in 24 hours from 31.73gram/day to 10.53gram/day
  • reducing blood fat and blood pressure

Standard of DiaBeAidTM Treatment Survey:

Ideal effects:

  • Symptoms of diabetes disappeared.
  • Lowered blood sugar to normal level or reduced 2.8 - 4.48 mmol/L (50 mg/dl - 80 mg/dl) in an empty stomach.
  • Quality of urinary sugar changed to negative and quantity of urinary sugar decreased to lower than 5 gram in 24 hours.

Effective improvement:

  • Obvious improvement from symptoms of diabetes.
  • Lowered blood sugar between 1.68 to 2.8 mmol/L (30 mg/dl to 50 mg/dl) in an empty stomach.
  • Reduced 2 degrees (+ +) for the patients with positive urinary sugar.
  • Quantity of urinary sugar decreased to lower than 10 gram in 24 hours.
  • Absolute value of the severe symptoms decreased more than 50% compared with the symptoms before receiving treatment.

No effect:

  • No improvement in symptoms
  • Blood and urinary sugar levels did not improve.

* Above information is provided by theF.A.Uniersity

Testimonies of using DiaBeAidTM

CASE 1: Suen, male, 71 years old

After one month of taking DiaBeAidTM (250 ml/per day, divided by 3 times) without any other medication, my blood sugar reduced from 10.9mmol/L(195 mg/dl) to 5.6mmol/L(100mg/dl), and urinary sugar changed from + + to negative. I felt totally different than before. I can do almost every thing without any problem, even riding a bicycle. I was diagnosed as having diabetes in 1982 and have tried other medications, but this is the first time that I have had such a dramatic improvement. Thanks to DiaBeAidTM, which brought me a new hope for my life.

CASE 2: Ling, male, 52 years old

During September, I felt constantly thirsty. I had to drink a lot of water due to a very dry and pain on my throat. Throughout the day, I urinated frequently, had no energy, felt tired, sweated profusely, and moved about listlessly. On October 8, the doctor diagnosed that I had diabetes (my blood sugar was 28.7mmol/L, or 512 mg/dl). I began to receive medication treatment and took DiaBeAidTM (8.8oz/day) in the hospital. At the beginning of November, my blood sugar already reduced to 6mmol/L (108 mg/dl), urinary sugar changed to negative. I felt so glad that all the diabetes symptoms disappeared. The doctor said that my blood pressure and blood fat improved a lot.

CASE 3: Shu, female, 62 years old

As a diabetes patient for many years, I had high blood pressure, high blood fat as well as high blood sugar. Certain severe symptoms bother me every day, such as over weight, edema, fatigue, moving and sleeping poorly. Introduced by my friend, I tried DiaBeAidTM. Only a few days, I felt a marked improvement and got great relief from the symptoms.

* Above information is provided by the F.A. University

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